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A Little Bit About MeA Little Bit About Me

Born and raised in Texas, I have spent the last few years on a quest to understand how God really feels about me personally.

Married and divorced twice with two daughters, I spent years in emotional pain, convinced that I had little value as a person. My time spent attending local church only led me to more questions.

So, I began to study the book of 1st John with a determination to find the truth. I heard a lot about love, but saw very little action around me. Christians were in the midst of strife with one another, competing for positions, and not meeting one another’s needs as the New Testament tells us to.

I stood in the middle of my living room floor a few years ago and said to God, “I want the truth! I want to know how you feel about me. I want to understand your affection for me and how this love thing works.” 

The result changed my life forever and

will continue to do so

God has given me an assignment to share the truth of the intimacy of His passionate love for each of us for when we fully understand that love we can’t be wooed by the world because our heart is truly satisfied.

Jesus reached out

to win our hearts at Calvary

It was there He proved His forever kind of love and commitment to saving us from the sin that had condemned us to eternity without Him. He wanted us back and so He took our place and cut the chains that held us captive in sin. Then He gave us the choice to receive or reject the salvation He purchased.

That’s the purest form of love.

In 1996, I sensed a strong desire to start a Christian newspaper in the Amarillo, Texas area. I did not own a computer so I used my brother’s who lived next door after they retired for the night.

I began to talk to people, print their testimonies, and write articles to encourage and bless those who read the paper. Over the years it has grown into a ministry that prints 4,000 hardcopies and is online in the archives.

Through this outreach, it has become possible to share the truth of the simplicity of God’s love and affection for His children around the world. So many people identify with God’s love according to how people (other Christians) treat them. If they do not feel valuable to people, then they also tend to feel that they have been put on the back burner with God.

It was a desperate craving in my soul to belong to someone who would love and protect me even unto their own life. It is my heart’s desire to share through the pages of this publication how simple the truth is and what it is like to have a Father who simply loves me.

When I began to absorb that truth, it left me with a desire to abandon willful sin and crawl into the lap of my Father, feast upon His affection and obey Him because of this “too good to be true” reality that I am deeply loved. It is only when we understand (get a revelation) and are confident of that love that we are able to love one another as He has loved us.

1 John 3:1 (paraphrased) tells us this:

Look!  What kind of love is this that God,

our Father has saturated us with,

that we can be called the children of God!


1 John 3:14 (paraphrased)

We can know when we have passed from death to life,

because we have the action of loving

our brothers present in our life.